The Grievance Organization began in 2000 during the original EverQuest, and has grown over the last 16 years to establish guilds in a vast array of games and a membership numbering in the thousands. We are honored to continue growing our community by welcoming new members and expanding into new games.  



Grievance recognizes that life comes before gaming, and we honor that in our first tenet: Family.  We expect all members to put their family, and by extension life outside of gaming, first.  We also expect our members to act and treat each other with Honor at all times.  Loyalty, our final tenet, comprises the act of remaining true to each other in the Grievance Family, as Grievance will be to each of its members.

Grievance means something special to each of us, but to so many, it simply means an extension of their family and a place they can always call home.
— Steelheart, Grievance Progenitor

What We've Achieved

  • A dynamic community that spans beyond gaming and into friendships outside our games.  Every other year we have a get together in the US that we now call the Family Reunion.  There, we share amazing food, fun, and wonderful company with each other.
  • We provide our members with a 400 person voice chat through TeamSpeak with channels set up for each of our games so that you can always find the right place to join in the fun.
  • A huge, diverse community of gamers - at the start of 2014 we had just over 4,600 registered members, and today in 2017 over 12,000.
  • One-of-a-kind, organized in-game leadership with strong officer cores in each of our flagship guilds.
  • Community-wide guidance and organization through the Grievance Council, comprised of Grievance members, officers, and leaders that help make some of the big decisions for the community through discussion and voting, comparable to a Board of Directors.