This will comprise our guilds KoS (Kill On Sight) list. For someone to be placed on KoS list, we will need a screen shot of the issue sent to either Tig or Lord Scythe. Please send them via the forums message. Make sure to include Character name, Family Name if possible, and Guild they are in. If you have any further questions, send me a PM on the forums or ask me in TS. Format Family name(Character name) [Guild Name]

Player Kill list

  • Dremlock(Kimochi) [Baka]

Guild Kill list

If these guilds are at war with Grievance they are fair game any place any time any where. These are guilds that constantly Grief either us or the entire server.
  • LAG (aka Sushi and Diksoutforharambee)
  • BAKA
  • ITC