About Grievance in Elder Scrolls Online

Grievance’s ESO guild was formed in 2014 at the launch of ESO on the PC/NA server. We are an active guild that enjoys helping each other succeed in the game. All new and seasoned players alike are welcome.

Guild Activities

  • Weekly PVP event. Our faction is Aldmeri Dominion and we play in the Ravenwatch campaign (Standard No-CP).
  • Weekly raffles and monthly auctions are held with high quality items.
  • Fun events such as zone clears, hide and seek, werewolf PVP and many more are available throughout the year.
  • Daily dungeons. From random normals, pledges and gear runs to earning achievements from veteran DLC dungeons.
  • Trials 4 times a week catering for different difficulty and commitment levels. 2 times a week are for our progression team, while the other 2 times a week are for casual players to participate.
  • Workshops for new and veteran players are run regularly to learn and enhance skills. Some of our past workshops included build help, light attack weaving and PVP.
  • Guild trader to help you sell and make some gold.

Server: PC_NA

Our Leadership Team

  • Guild Leader – Static Recharge (@static_recharge)
  • Executive Officer – Jarr Kahala (@Kahala)
  • Logistics Officer – Tynian (@Tynian_0)
  • Recruiting Officer – Liette (@Liette)
  • Event Officer – Blaize (@blaize)_0
  • Warlord – Brasstortoise (@brasstortoise)
  • Raid Leader – Barnil (@Blackstar242)
  • Raid Leader – Yuri (@yuri.ingame)
  • Guild Officer – Storm_Runner (@kaistormrunner)
  • Guild Officer – ObsidianFlame (@ObsidianFlambeau)
ESO Background

Latest Updates

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