About Grievance in World of Warcraft – Horde

Wow-H is a community-oriented guild with a focus on PVE content. We are a guild that raids and dungeons together! Our goal is to ensure all members can participate in the content they enjoy. We have been full and active Grievance chapter since Pandaria. We strive to provide a fun atmosphere for our members to thrive in. If you are into Mythic dungeons, PVP, Transmog runs, or just socializing while you play, we have a place for you.

Server: Thrall


  • Guild Leader: Shiv BattleTag: Shiv#1284
  • Recruting Officer: Rethyn
  • Logistics Officer: Kons BattleTag: Kons#11126
  • Raid Leader: Yumyum BattleTag: YumYum#1222
  • Raid Leader: Nathazar
  • Officer: Vaerii
  • Officer: Sandalphon
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I’m SkeLexTor (Lex for short) and Lex_L in the forums and been streaming for a few years, yet just recently have joined the streaming crew of Grievance! My primary game is World of Warcraft, been playing since release 2004 and mainly play a Rogue. Enjoy many other games like FF14, Pokémon, Monster Hunter World, God […]

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Heya! I’m Mascurse (aka darthmask on the forums) and I am honored to stream for the Grievance team! My primary game is Final Fantasy XIV and I stream raids (DPS perspective) and news broadcasts for any new information or patches, but you’ll sometimes catch me streaming Magic the Gathering, Elite Dangerous, Clone Hero, or Monster […]

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Freddie_G aka Stompzy

Hey friends! My name is Freddie aka Stompzy. I am here to rush into the next group of enemies and likely die, for YOUR entertainment! I have been streaming for Grievance off and on for a few years. I think I am 36. I lost count. I work full time, go to school full time, […]

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My name is Bryan, I’m 32 and have been gaming since I was 7. Most of the time you can find me on FFXIV, Warframe, Hunt, WoW. I’ve just started streaming recently and I tend to jump from game to game. So if you are up for seeing what I can get into, stick around […]

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