About Grievance in Final Fantasy XIV

The FFXIV Grievance chapter was formed at the beginning of ARR (Aug. 2013). We have had a number of successful Savage raid teams as well as other, more casual, weekly gatherings. This includes things like mount farms, map parties, Eureka, Bozja, Heaven on High, and more! You may recognize us from our All Saint’s Wake Haunted House!

Server: Midgardsormr


  • Leader: Alice Reis (Agentomega#9987)
  • XO: Renai Wolndara (NoirSoldats#8159)
  • Recruit Officer: Catilyn Aideen (Katiejene#5494)
  • Raid Officer: Fox Kae (Fox k#1608)


Latest Updates


My name is Bryan, I’m 32 and have been gaming since I was 7. Most of the time you can find me on FFXIV, Warframe, Hunt, WoW. I’ve just started streaming recently and I tend to jump from game to game. So if you are up for seeing what I can get into, stick around […]

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