Common Sense

No policy is completely safe from exploitation, and the officers are here to make sure everything is done fairly. Any proposed changes to this charter will be reviewed by the FC Leader before being set in stone.

No Drama

Any member found to be causing and/or instigating extreme drama within the FC will be asked to leave or, if needed, removed. The FC Leader will determine what qualifies as extreme drama.

FC’s(Guild) Responsibility

We believe in the creed to uphold the concepts of family, honor and loyalty. We are a group who takes our game seriously but not at the cost of spending time with your family, your job or other real-life obligations. What this means is, we ask everyone to have courtesy, honor commitments, arrive on time for any planned activity and understand that when Grievance gamers log on for the time they have that day, they want to get stuff done. Please do NOT hinder that. Courtesy is the key.

Joining and Getting Started in Grievance

To be eligible to join Grievance, you must:
Read and understand this charter.
Be at least 18 years old.

Free company chat/discord rules

The FC chat and Discord lounge are PG13.
Topics not allowed: Religion, Politics, Money

Getting access to Discord

Read both this and the Grievance Organizational Charter.
Register on the Grievance forums, find the FFXIV forum section, and create a new post in the Apply Here to Join Grievance Final Fantasy XIV subforum.

FC Ranks

Leader – Alice Reis
Executive Officer (XO) –
Recruiting Officer – Catilyn Aideen
Raid Officer – Fox Kae