About Grievance in New World

Grievance is taking Aeternum by storm! We focus on all aspects of crafting including gathering, refining and production, as well as PvE and PvP. We are proud members of the Maruders faction on the Orofena server, and we host activities of all kinds within the guild. Hope to see you in…the New World!

Server: NA East – Orofena / Marauders

Our Leadership Team

  • Company Governor – Hardicon
New World

Latest Updates


I’m SkeLexTor (Lex for short) and Lex_L in the forums and been streaming for a few years, yet just recently have joined the streaming crew of Grievance! My primary game is World of Warcraft, been playing since release 2004 and mainly play a Rogue. Enjoy many other games like FF14, Pokémon, Monster Hunter World, God […]

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Jak & Nyla

Jakrae and Nylatek are a couple that enjoys gaming together. Jak is ultra competitive, while Nyla is more about having fun! Come laugh with (at?) us!

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My name is Bryan, I’m 32 and have been gaming since I was 7. Most of the time you can find me on FFXIV, Warframe, Hunt, WoW. I’ve just started streaming recently and I tend to jump from game to game. So if you are up for seeing what I can get into, stick around […]

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