The purpose of this charter is to describe the various policies, rules and expectations specific to the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) chapter of Grievance. This charter does not supercede the Grievance Organizational Charter (GOC).

All members are expected to be familiar with the GOC and this charter prior to joining. The policies mentioned in this charter are in place to uphold the three main tenants of Grievance: Family, Honor and Loyalty. We are a PvP and PvE guild, but we understand that real life comes first. When you join Grievance you are representing the organization, not just the guild. Treat others as you would like to be treated, and strive to act in accordance with the above tenants.


This charter can change at any time without notice as the requirements and needs of the guild grow and change. The Guild Leader reserves the right to make changes and rulings to the policies at anytime and has the final word on all decisions concerning the Guild, Guild Website, Charter and anything else pertaining to ESO. This includes, but is not limited to, making changes on the spot and making decisions that supercede and/or contradict this charter. These decisions will always be made for the betterment of the guild as a whole and will never be made lightly. All decisions made by the Guild Leader can be reviewed by the Grievance Council to ensure fairness to all members.

Clauses to be aware of

Common Sense Clause

No policy can cover every situation or scenario and the leadership of ESO is here to ensure everything is done fairly. Please use your common sense when venturing into any grey areas.

No Drama Clause

Everyone in Grievance has the right to a persecution, prejudice and drama free environment.


Exploits can include, but are not limited to, bugs (known or unknown), loopholes that allow the player to gain unfair advantages and finding ways to “cheat” the economy of the game.


     “A person who harasses or deliberately provokes other players or members in order to spoil their enjoyment.” – Google definitions
As a member of Grievance (no matter your rank) you are to uphold our values at all times, including your interactions with people from other guilds or alliances. Do not disrupt other people’s enjoyment of the game.


All discipline for violations of this charter will be dealt with on an individual case by case basis. These can include but are not limited to verbal or formal warnings and temporary or permanent bans from Discord and the guild itself.

The Guild

The advancement of the Guild is of the highest priority. More than any other MMO, guild progress is tied to personal progress. If you do not care about this advancement and wish to not help your fellow guildies then we have no interest in having you in our guild.

In return the Guild has responsibilities to its members. As a guild we will help our members develop their characters and gear up as well as help with any world events or missions to help our members progress through the game.

Applying to Grievance

All potential recruits must:

  • Register on the Grievance website prior to invite.
  • Be 18yrs of age or older. Exceptions may be made for real life friends/family.
  • Have Discord downloaded and be able to fully communicate with other players.
  • Have read the GOC and this charter prior to joining.

Application Process:

  1. Register an account at http://www.grievancegaming.com.
  2. After your application has been approved you will have access to our Discord. Log into Discord and introduce yourself to your guildies.
  3. Ask an officer in Discord for an invite into the ESO guild or post in the #eso-invites chat channel if an officer is not available.

To ensure that each new recruit is a good fit for Grievance and Grievance a good fit for them, they will undergo a trial period during which their rank will not move past Recruit until the following conditions are met:

  • Attend at least one Guild Meeting (first Sunday of every month, unless otherwise stated)
    • If scheduling due to real life is an issue, it is the responsibility of the recruit to get in touch with an officer and schedule a private meeting.
  • Spend time in Discord introducing themselves to other guildmates and the officers.
  • Show that they are willing to participate in guild activities and/or help guildmates.
  • Show that they are able to uphold the three tenants of Grievance at all times.

Once all of the above conditions are met, the recruit will be promoted to the rank of Member.

Guild Ranking System

Guild Leader (GL)

The GL is responsible for the overall health of the guild, the guild’s website and anything else pertaining to ESO and is responsible for setting the in-game and out of game (if required) goals and to provide proper direction for the guild. The GL has the final say on all things pertaining to the guild and its membership. At any time the GL may assume the responsibilities of any other officer position within the guild if necessary and can override any decision made if it is deemed to be detrimental to the guild. As an extension of the Grievance Organization, the GL is expected to make all decisions with the betterment of the Organization in mind.

Executive Officer (XO)

The XO is a direct extension of the GL and only answers to the GL. The XO is in charge of the guild whenever the GL is not present and has the authority to make on the spot decisions for the betterment of the Guild (if necessary.) Like the GL, the XO can assume the other officer positions (exception GL) , and reserves the right to supersede their decisions.

All of the following officer positions are considered equals in terms of rank and are not listed in any order with regards to rank. Each of them answer to the GL and XO.

Recruiting Officer (RO)

The RO is directly responsible for the growth of Grievance and all matters pertaining to recruitment within Grievance. It is the RO’s responsibility to indoctrinate new recruits into the Guild by clearly expressing expectations. The RO automatically becomes a member of the COG group.

Warlord (WL)

The WL is responsible for the scheduling and coordinating of PvP events. This person is directly responsible for the defense of any guild owned locations, and as such, has emergency powers to enact a Call to Arms (CTA) for the defense of guild interests as well as give out instructions that must be followed in order to achieve objectives. Additionally, the WL has the right to appoint temporary representatives to perform specific tasks during a CTA or scheduled event (and only on these occasions). All scheduled events must be communicated to the GL in advance for approval before being submitted.

Raid Leader (RL)

The RL is responsible for the scheduling and coordinating of PvE events. This person is directly responsible for the raid progression of the guild. Additionally, the RL has the right to appoint temporary representatives to perform specific tasks during a scheduled event (and only on these occasions). All scheduled events must be communicated to the GL in advance for approval before being submitted.

Events Officer (EO)

The EO is responsible for the scheduling and coordinating of extra events that don’t fall under the scope of the WL or RL. These can include, but are not limited to, holiday themed events, special giveaways, contests and member suggested events. All of these events are meant to include as many members as possible (minimal restrictions on character level or advancement). All scheduled events must be communicated to the GL in advance for approval before being submitted.

Logistics Officer (LO)

The LO is responsible for the guild bank and all of its contents including the guild funds (gold). This includes, but is not limited to, organizing and re-stacking the guild bank, bidding on the guild trader and managing the guild’s expenses. It is also the responsibility of the LO to determine the guild’s policies regarding the guild bank and enforce them (if necessary). These policies must be approved by the GL in advance before being submitted.

The following member ranks are listed in hierarchical order.


Anyone with the rank of member has chosen to make Grievance their primary guild and get to enjoy all of the benefits that come with being a Member of the Grievance Organization.


Members that are absent from the game for over 30 days will be demoted to the AFK rank as a security precaution. If any of these members return to the game they simply need to prove their identity by posting in the #eso-invites Discord channel to let us know they are back and then they will be immediately promoted back to full member.


Recruits are new members to Grievance and are currently completing their trial period to see if they are a good fit for Grievance.

Note: The GL reserves the right to appoint additional officers and abolish positions within the guild as necessary.

Call to Arms (CTA)

If a CTA is initiated, all members are encouraged to respond and follow the direction of the Warlord (or appointed party). The Guild understands that some people don’t like PvP.


Our alliance in PvP is the Aldmeri Dominion. In ESO your account is invited to the guild, meaning each of your characters are part of the guild automatically. This includes characters belonging to other alliances. While playing in other factions is allowed, please keep the war strategies of each alliance to themselves.

Loot System

ESO’s looting system is private, instanced loot. As such there is no need for any guild looting system or DKP system.

Other Guilds Within Grievance

Grievance is a multi-game organization and all members are able to enjoy the benefits of Grievance in any game we play. If a member wishes to switch their main game, the member simply needs to inform Grievance of the change. All members are expected to read and abide by the guild charter for each game they are part of respectively.