About Grievance in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online Grievance is a family friendly casual gaming guild that is part of a larger organization spanning many games.

Grievance BDO allows players to play their way with no pressure to play a certain class, play style or specific content. If you want to merc yourself to sieges or node wars our members are free to do so. Do you prefer to just PvE, feel free! If you enjoy the sea content we encourage you to do so. The only requirements currently in our guild are having Discord for communications and to be a good person.

The Guild Leader is personally into the boat stuff and is more than willing to run people through daily sailing missions to short cut players to their personal boats. The Executive Officer really enjoys group grinds. Several of my officers enjoy sea content and we try to run Vell twice per week. I run Sundays and Effigi runs Wed evenings.

We currently do not do Node Wars but encourage any PvP members to use the merc system to get involved in organized PvP. We do allow open PvP but expect members participating in it to be non toxic and to ignore others being toxic. Future organized PvP may happen in Grievance BDO if there is interest but will be implemented much differently and will be done in stages.

The most important thing about Grievance BDO is that our players are having fun!

Server: NA_World


  • Guild Leader: Lord Scythe (Lord_Scythe/Lord_Scythe) <G> and <DG>
  • Executive Officer: CleopatraVII (Ceasar/Lvia_Drusillia)
  • Recruiting Officer: LordScythe & Ceasar
  • Officer: Wackufaka
  • Officer: Effigi
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