Hey all, It’s Acha. I joined Grievance over five years ago. I am the Recruiting Officer for WoW-H on Thrall. Grievance is an amazing organization and I am fortunate to be a part of it. I have been essentially playing WoW since its launch(with some breaks). Besides being a gamer, husband, and father my hobbies are blacksmithing, astronomy, history, and music.

Most of my streams will be of WoW, but I can also be found occasionally streaming the following:

  • Warframe
  • Base Builder Survival (Minecraft, Factorio, Satisfactory, Oxygen Not Included, etc)
  • Hearthstone/MTG Arena
  • Retro console (NES, SNES, etc)
  • Possibly more in the future!

Achaik0s on Twitch

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